To continue yesterday’s post…

The olive wood spoon is veerrrrryyy ouchie!!!!


Yesterday was the first time where when he spanked me, I really wanted it to stop. It hurt- a lot- and I just kept focusing on my bottom. His words were floating in and out of my conscious. I said “Stop” and I was squirming under him to get my bottom out of the strike zone. I told him I think I hear the kids coming. I tried everything I could think of to make it stop. He calmly told me to get back up on the bed, to put my bottom up and to put my head into the pillow. At that point he told me I would have 5 more swats. I made it through them- although I think he also lightened up a bit. He had to leave 5 minutes later for a meeting. I was kinda sad that I could talk to him more and lay with him and have him hold me.

This morning I was trying to remember what he said during the lecture. I really can’t remember. I know the general topic, but I cannot remember the specifics. I really want to remember, but I think the words couldn’t get past my bottom. Interesting…


I am showered, and ready for maintenance. I am watching him make pizza dough for Saturday. I love him 


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